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Happy 7th Birthday!

SEVEN years of CedarCraft!

Is that not INSANE?!
What were you doing SEVEN years ago?
For CedarCraft, we were opening our virtual doors for the very first time! And how far we’ve come too!

For our seventh birthday we wanted to let you know about some big changes coming to CedarCraft! These changes have been under way for several weeks and will soon be released for you to enjoy!

So what are they?

CEDARCRAFT HUB - CedarCraft will be getting a central hub, a world that acts as the centre of the ever-expanding CedarCraft network! On a technical level, this means that different worlds can run completely different plugins and databases. But what does this mean for you?! Well, this means that when it comes to map reset time, old maps will be STAYING, along with plugin settings such as your account balances, towns, mcMMO levels etc., so you can continue to play these maps at any time, in addition to new adventures on the latest map! The hub will also allow for future possible game modes to come to CedarCraft.

A WHOLE NEW WORLD - following on from the hub, we will be launching this with a brand new map! Built by our fantastic architect team of Lunchmeats, rocksvin and Oraivec, our new stunning map will simply leave you in awe (trust me). Using the new 1.13 map elements, our new map is designed with both types of players in mind - those who wish to jump straight into the world and those who wish to explore and find every nook-and-cranny.

RESOURCE WORLD - No more do you have to walk for miles to find that bit of sand, or dig for miles to find just a vein of coal! We will be adding a randomly generating resource world and nether, in which you can teleport to a random location, and resets (to a different seed) twice per month!

NEW WEBSITE - we are currently putting the finishing touches on a brand new, sleeker and more modern site for the CedarCraft network!

IN-GAME RANK SYSTEM - Make your Ember matter! Climb the ladder of CedarCraft ranks using the Ember you earn in-game to unlock additional commands and abilities, such as additional /sethomes, ability to use TNT and even the ability to keep items after death!

MAKE A LIVING - So what ways do you have to make additional money? We will be introducing a jobs system, where you get paid in Ember for doing the every-day Minecraft things that you enjoy. You will be able to choose from a selection of jobs (such as miner, alchemist, farmer) and get paid in Ember for the work you do (e.g. making potions, mining). In addition to this, as you level up your job level, you will unlock additional abilities such as permanent mcmmo boosts, status boosts and abilities relevant to that job!

In addition to these major changes, there will be lots and lots of smaller but significant changes coming. We will keep you updated with the full changes that will be coming to the server.

Thank you for being a truly valued member of this community for at least some of the last seven years, and I can only look forward to the next years going forward. A special thank you goes to our staff team, the old and the new, who volunteer their time day-in-day-out to keep your community running smoothly and safely.

Finally a huge thank you to everyone who has donated their hard-earned money to the community to ensure that we can continue to provide CedarCraft to you all. We owe all of this and all that we will become in the future to your generosity.


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